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Wait! I Am a 3c?!

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Rossi PhotoThus another academic year begins. Coming back to the Academy as a 3rd class is much easier than it was a 4th class. No more squaring, orderlies, or sounding off clocks, which gives individuals more time to accomplish their schoolwork. However, sometimes complacency can creep in and reflect in a cadet’s GPA. A major goal of mine this semester is to not allow that happen to me. To prevent this, I have been keeping a list of all the tasks I need to be completed along with the dates they are due. This helps me plan ahead and also prioritize.


The biggest responsibility I have inherited as a 3rd class is looking out and being a role model for the 4th class. Each 3rd class has their own individual 4th class, but we as whole need to set a good example and lead every 4th class down the road to success. I was very fortunate to have great 3rd class last year and wish to do the same for my 4th class this upcoming year. After all, someday in the fleet we, everyone at the Academy right now, will be at the same rank during some point and it is wise to have a positive relationship with everyone, including those who may currently be below you.


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