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Sweet September

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Sweet September. What a great month! Apple picking is at its prime, next month our parents head up for Parents’ Weekend and Halloween is right around the corner. Plus, I can finally start using my new glade freshener spray appropriately scented “Maple Pumpkin” all in the spirit of fall. ^.^


Well, academics hit the ground running…which isn’t very surprising. As of right now, my favorite courses are Morals, Ethics and Political Philosophy and Principles of American Government. I’ll admit there is a bit of bias—after all I am a Government major. There’s more to it than that I swear. For example, in “Morals” recently, we’ve been discussing Socrates (via Plato’s writings about him). Discussions have made my mind churn more about what I truly believe, and how morality plays into my life and will affect my future both in the Coast Guard and civilian lives. With this, closely behind in my “most liked” courses are Nautical Science II and Ships. Those courses definitely stray from my major, but like Morals, they are helping me develop into a future officer in the service, which really can’t be beat.


School activity wise, Genesis Council has perked up and we’ve already had one excusal, 4/c Meet and Greet and our Six Flags trip is coming up (so excited!!). Also, this past weekend, I was fortunate enough (thanks to a swift special request) to go the Millennium Campus Conference hosted on Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. There, ideas for how to combat hunger, homelessness, gender equality and other various human/earth related issues were discussed in panels, by speakers and together with peers. The highlight (for me at least) was that the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Leymah Gbowee came all the way form Liberia to speak to us. Like most people, I knew of the significance of the Nobel Peace Prize, and that the people who earn it most definitely deserve it, but as she stood and spoke at the podium, I was honestly in awe of the efforts and achievements she, as another average human being, was able to accomplish through sheer will power and desire for change. Talk about a role model! (Look her up! It’s definitely worth your time…just saying).


One last thing that I’d also like to note was the pride that I felt simply waking up here at USCGA on September 11th. Thinking about where I was when I was younger, with my father still being enlisted then, I couldn’t help but feel a sense pride in my service and my choice to join it as well as pride for the service of the various departments that went to the relief during and after the tragedy. Truly, I am even more proud to be an American since that day, and feel like my decision to pursue this not so easy path all because I love this country is worth it.


With that, hope you all are enjoying the month as much as I am!


Until next blog,
3/c Jalle R. Merritt


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