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Coast Guard Crew

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Kloo PhotoOne of my favorite parts of Academy life is rowing for the CGA crew team. I didn’t have a chance to play sports in high school, and when I applied here I was looking for something to fill that gap. I had heard a lot about rowing from people at home, and I decided it was something worth trying. I had no rowing experience whatsoever, which was fine because all but one of the freshmen had never rowed either. With help from the exceptional coaching staff, I was out on the water in just two weeks. Fast forward a year later and here I am still rowing. I can’t picture myself doing anything else. It is a both a mental and physical challenge that nothing else compares to. You push your mind against your pain tolerance and your body to its physical limit. To make it more challenging, all that needs to be done at the exact same time as seven other guys for about six and a half minutes. The teamwork required by eight people to move a 60-foot boat is unmatched, even one person with a small error can cause the entire boat to become unstable, and the whole boat suffers.


Because teamwork is such a critical part of rowing, you build close bonds with everyone on the team. For example, each Friday night after practice, we stay around afterward, barbeque, and just hang out. Rowing provides an escape from the stresses of life at the CGA, and something that I could not do without.


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