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Life Since Joining The Academy

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Ellis PhotoIt’s crazy to think that only a few months ago I had just graduated high school and was preparing for the day that would change my life forever, R-Day. I was anxiously anticipating that day and once it finally came, it was the most nerve racking day of my life. Then came the seven weeks of Swab Summer, which are a complete blur to me now. All the days seemed to blend together, we were always moving – from reveille in the morning to taps at night. Swab Summer was a mental game. You just have to keep a positive attitude, even when it’s really tough, in order to succeed. Don’t dwell on the negative things that occur, but learn from them. I just kept thinking about why I wanted to come here and I thought about it every day. Swab Summer is meant to be challenging, but not impossible.


At the end of Swab Summer, I went aboard Eagle. It was easily one of the best experiences I have ever had. One night I had the 2000 to 2400 watch, I was the lookout on the bow. We were the only people for miles, all I could see was the stars and the rigging. The stars were the brightest I have ever seen them. Another day I had the 0400 to 0800 watch to check on the rigging. That morning I got to see a beautiful sunrise. There was a light fog and not a puff of breeze anywhere. The ocean was like glass – I had never seen it that flat in my life. On the last day, at sunset, I climbed all the way to the royals (the very top of the mast), even though I am really scared of heights. It was the absolute most memorable thing I have ever done. I am so glad that I accepted my appointment to the Academy so that I could do such amazing things. Attending the Academy is easily the best decision I have ever made.


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