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Study, Study, Study!

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Corcoran PhotoThe academic year is finally upon us all. Within the past two weeks, I have had three exams and two papers due. Cross country practices and meets plus my military obligations have made my time very limited; however, I’m starting to get more of a routine down. The Coast Guard Academy definitely is a huge difference from my little high school in Slatington (the middle of nowhere), Pennsylvania, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Speaking of which, over Labor Day Weekend, I spent my three nights of liberty away from the Academy at my house. It felt weird seeing everything for the first time since late June, but for the most part everything remained the same. It was then that I realized I’m glad I chose the Academy. I now recognize that I am a part of something way bigger than myself, even bigger than Slatington – the United States Coast Guard.


This evening we have our Regimental Review. Although our “gorilla suits” cause us to sweat like madmen, I am proud to wear those uniforms and honor those who have fought for our country. All of the fourth class had to get their pictures taken in those suits this week. While it might not be the most attractive uniform in the world, I really feel like I am a part of the Coast Guard when I wear it. Plus, I think no matter how dorky I may look in this uniform, my mom will still hang the picture over the fireplace at home.


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