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October at the Academy

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Duplessis Photo October is both stressful and awesome. Although we have midterms (I have three on the same day) and regular homework building up, the Corps of Cadets always looks forward to “Halloween on the Hill,” which is an event that takes place on Halloween. All of the cadets, including the 4/c, dress up in their Halloween costumes, have a dinner during which we vote on the best, funniest and scariest costumes, and then trick or treat on the hill where the Superintendent lives. It’s a fun morale event for everyone.


This past weekend was Parents’ Weekend here at the Academy. Our parents are able to come visit us, go to our classes, and see our dorm rooms. It’s always nice to watch my dad slowly fall asleep in my classes, and going through an average day gives all parents in general a hint of how hard we work to maintain academics, athletics, and military professionalism. I was also able to go home for a couple of days and relax. I have not had a chance to sleep past 9 a.m. in about a month, and it was glorious.


Coming back into school as a 3/c is completely different than last year. It’s nice to actually know what’s going on, and, of course, to be able to look around and talk to everyone. We definitely have a lot more responsibilities now though, too. I have two 4/c that look up to me, so it’s important for me to be a role model for them. There are a lot of things I wish my upper class did last year for me, so I’m trying to do all of things for the 4/c in my division as well as on the soccer team.


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