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Sophomore Academics

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Meyers Photo It’s now almost midterms third class year (sophomore year) and it’s a definite change from last year. Whereas last year was mostly basic introductory courses that everyone had to take, I’m finally taking major-specific classes. As an example, I’m an Electrical Engineering major and this year I’m taking Intro to Computer Programming, Differential Equations, Electrical Engineering I, Physics, Nautical Science I, Ships, Golf, and Racquetball. Last year I took courses like Chem I and II, Calc I and II, Statics, and U.S. Government.


It’s nice to finally get into a groove with the material I came here to study. While the work is much harder than last year, it’s also much more rewarding. I can actually enjoy some of the projects I do because they have actual application in my day-to-day work. As an example, because of what I learned in my programming class, I made a simple calculator program to solve for cross products in Physics. Just little things like this are what motivate me to stay in the Electrical Engineering major.


On top of the new privileges and the changes from being a 4/c to a 3/c, this year has been far better than last year in just about every aspect. During the summer, I had serious doubts as to whether I wanted to come back here or not, but decided to sleep on it and at least come back for a week. That short time totally transformed my opinion and made me realize why I came here in the first place.


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