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A Big Decision

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Zwenger Photo Well, lunch is about in 15 minutes so I’ll try and explain to you everything that has been going on in my mind. Two posts ago I talked about how great of a time I had at my station and three posts ago I talked about Eagle. What I didn’t mention was that since the beginning of the summer I was really starting to question what I was doing in the Coast Guard and if the Academy was the place for me. I think some of these problems began when I would talk to my friends at “regular college” and they would always say how much fun they were having. As you can see from my previous posts that was not always the case for me. Regardless, over break I sat down and talked to my parents and basically told them that I was leaving the Academy, however, I would go back just to finish out the semester. In my mind this was not a rash decision because I had been thinking about it all summer, but if I put myself in their shoes I can see how they would be a bit confused. Also when I was home I had people that I was comfortable talking to and knew they would give me an unbiased opinion, as opposed to my friends here who would tell me to stay.

So fast forward to when I get back to the Academy and for two weeks I kept all my thoughts and emotions to myself so they were building up inside me. Until I was about to snap about three days ago and had to Skype my friend Zach King (who I’ve known since preschool) and talked AT him for about 40 minutes. After a lot of venting and hearing what he had to say and some more thinking I decided to stay. This place gets 15 times better after your freshman year because you have your group of friends that you hang out with and you don’t have to put up with all stuff freshman have to do. I’ll talk more about what it’s like to be a sophomore later. Time to go! That’s all. Email me with questions.


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