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cadet blogs

May - August 2012

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Duplessis Photo Wow I had such an amazing summer! I left the Academy on May 5th and flew to Georgetown, South Carolina where I spent most of my time at the Coast Guard station there. It was a small station with four 25-foot small boats and one 41-foot utility boat. I had an awesome time working with everyone and being out on the water. I’ve always loved being on smaller boats so it was pretty exciting to ride around and learn about those specific vessels. The crew at the station was also amazing! They welcomed me and the other cadet right away and taught us probably more in those six weeks than I learned the entire school year. I also had the opportunity to go to Sector Charleston for a day and learn about what kind of jobs people do there.


After my month and a half in Georgetown, I boarded the Eagle in Baltimore. We spent around 23 days underway total and stopped in Boston, New London, and ended in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I was lucky enough to spend time with my family in Boston and give them all a tour of the ship. Although living on Eagle could be difficult at times (I roomed with 17 other girls!), I’m glad I had that experience, and had a good time onboard overall. It was pretty cool to spend five weeks there as opposed to one week last year because you really got to know the ship, crew and a lot of my shipmates. I loved traveling under sail and learning how the ship functioned. I also had a really fun division who all made it easy to stand any watch whether it was at midnight or four in the morning.


After Eagle, I got to go home for three weeks of leave. I live on the coast in New Hampshire, so naturally I went to the beach as much as possible! I love spending time with my family so I packed in as much time as I could hang out with them and my friends. I ended up going whitewater rafting with my friend, shooting with my grandparents, and surfing and paddle boarding with my family. It was pretty tough coming back to school after such an awesome couple of months, but at least I’m going back as a 3/c!


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