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Taking Full Advantage of My Paid Vacation

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Glock Photo Before I begin, I would just like to say thank you to everyone who is reading these blogs. Now that I am working in the Admissions Office, I have met quite a few of you who have told me that you have read my blog. I am happy you are doing so and that they are assisting you in learning more about life as a cadet at the Academy! So, let’s take a moment to talk about the time afforded by the Coast Guard for vacation instead of time at the Academy.


Graduation was certainly an amazing week – one of the best in my life. And the best part, aside of receiving a degree and a commission, of course, is the 30 days of paid vacation time that follows. Instead of taking another volunteer service trip to Honduras (which I still want to do again soon), I decided to take advantage of the long vacation and fly to Europe.


I took a space-available flight through the military because they are free. I landed in Ramstein with a classmate of mine and we began our un-planned backpacking journey. Some locations we left our mark in included Frankfurt and Berlin (Germany); Prague (Czech Republic); Vienna (Austria); Belgrade (Serbia); and Rome, Naples, Milan and Fondi (Italy), where I have family. It’s impossible for me to say what my favorite locations were because they are all very unique and equally exciting. Overall though, I would say that the Italian culture is my favorite and, being a history buff, Rome was very enjoyable. I actually planned to stay for two weeks but ended up making my return flight a week later so that I could spend more time in Italy and also have time to take a flight up to Berlin for three days.


This trip was exactly what I needed after a long four years at the Academy. It’s a well earned vacation for the hard-working cadets who graduate. Now I am back to work and working in the CGA Admissions Office until I head down to flight school in September.


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