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Loss of Privileges and Respect

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Zwenger Photo So sorry for missing the past couple of posts but the end of school is super busy. This entry will include some of May because that is when our finals are. So at the end of this year we had fourth class boards, an indoctrination test where we are tests over massive amounts of material including information about cutters, damage control knowledge, Coast Guard History, Academy history, etc. In the previous years, this process went pretty smoothly and there was no issue of cheating, however, this year was different. Some say you can solely blame the class of 2015, some say it was the whole corps, I will not give my opinion. As a result of this cheating, the corps of cadets lost privileges that we would have otherwise gained by the end of the year. For us it was full carry on. A lot of people complain about this because they “didn’t think it was our fault,” but regardless our class lost a lot of respect and now we have to word hard to gain it back. That’s all we can do for now.


Other than boards, finals are another concern among us at the Academy. At this point in the game, I’ve lost a lot of motivation to study because we’ve just finished up a daunting year militarily. Despite this, I pushed through and studied only to finish the semester off with a GPA just shy of 3.0. That’s all.


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