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Graduation? Wasn't It Just R-Day!?

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
Glock Photo Wow! Did these past four years fly by! It truly feels like R-Day was just the other day. And, yet, there are so many wonderful memories in between. In a way, I am a very different person than when I first began my journey at the Academy. Not only have I learned a lot in terms of academics, but I have learned so many life lessons that have matured me beyond belief. And best of all, I have made amazing friends along the way.


Looking back on the difficulties of the past four years, I am happy to say that it was all worth it – and I would absolutely do it again. There is no experience like the Coast Guard Academy. Not even the other military academies can equate to the type of friendships and relationships that are developed here, both with other cadets and with the faculty.


Now, I am stationed at the Coast Guard Academy Admissions Office until I report to flight school in September. As a cadet I would never had imagined myself saying this, but I am honestly very excited that I am stationed at the Academy for the summer (and it was my first choice for my pre-flight school billet). Why would I possibly want to stay at the Academy after graduation? Well, besides the fact that I volunteered for Admissions during my cadet career and am well-known amongst the admissions faculty, I thought that it would be very interesting to be around for one more Swab Summer, and to help run it from an officer's point of view. This way, I would have observed Swab Summer as both a swab, a cadre, and a supervisor. I also thought being the Chase Hall Duty Officer (for one day, the officer in charge of the building where all of the cadets live), would be an interesting collateral duty because I had been a suboordinate to the CHDO for four years. I have seen others fulfill the roles I am now fulfilling as an officer, and I find that transition fascinating and rewarding. And, the Academy has given me so much, and it is nice to give back before I head to Pensacola, Florida.


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