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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to 4/c Boards

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Wu Photo You might have already heard; the words “restriction”, “privileges”, and “honor” have become common amongst the corps of cadets’ vocabulary. The class of 2014 and class of 2015 have been frowned upon because of our actions during the 4/c Boards indoctrination. There were a lot of reactions toward the incident. One reaction in particular had me question where our teamwork has gone since Swab Summer. There have been a lot of people who believe that only a few people should be punished for this cheating/honor incident, but personally I think that we, as a whole, should be punished for what could have been avoided. We fell into the mob mentality, overhearing questions, spreading possible questions that we believed were on Boards, so we should be punished as a whole. I know some people were not involved, but when one of our classmates over the summer made a mistake, we all faced the punishment with him. Over the summer, we learned to support each other and instinctively get down in push-up position with them so they do not have to suffer the consequences alone. Where did all this teamwork mentality go? By all means, I do not commend the cheating on 4/c Boards, but it was a poorly controlled environment where if you did not hear questions and answers being spread around the wardroom, you at least knew someone who had. When the punishment of restriction was announced this week there were a lot of my classmates complaining about how they did nothing wrong and should not face the consequences. During Swab Summer, I felt like when my classmates held the plank position with me for something I did wrong, I felt really guilty. I feel like we should not object to the consequences we have to face and just move forward from this incident. I am hoping both the class of 2014 and class of 2015 can come together and finish this semester strong and then go out and enjoy our summer assignments.


Ah…summer assignments. Just knowing that my summer assignments are just around the corner makes the end of the semester bearable. I am looking forward to being on first phase Barque Eagle and then going on CGC Mellon that might be in South America. I am really excited to have a hands-on experience and really learn from the crewmembers and learn more about the Coast Guard in general. Lastly, I cannot wait to go home and enjoy a relaxing summer with family and friends.


Even further into the future, I am excited to start fresh with a new company next year. I have made great friendships in Echo Company that developed from Swab Summer and into 4/c year because we did not change companies, but I am ready to be in Alfa this fall semester and meet more of my classmates along with a whole new group of upperclassmen. I also cannot wait to start the fall semester out right and set a good example for the incoming class of 2016. “Summer 2012 psyched, sir!”


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