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So Close!

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Krakower Photo Today we picked up our 3/c shoulder boards from the Clothing Locker. That may have been the greatest relief I have had yet at the Academy. It’s incredible how close we are to finishing! Despite remaining busy, the days continue to creep away one by one. The big challenges facing ahead of us 4/c now are Boards, coming up this Saturday, the 14th, and Challenge of the Guardsmen, which will be the Saturday after.


Boards are simply a test of our knowledge of all things Coast Guard. We get asked ten questions from our Running Light or Boards Supplemental Packet, totaling for about 150 pages of stuff. It will be quite stressful studying, but it will probably be a great relief once it is over. Challenge of the Guardsmen, formerly known as Challenge of the Guardian, is going to be a four and a half hour physical test with our new company mates for the next three years. I’ll get shotgunned out of Delta and into any of the other seven companies. It’s a mixed feeling to go out of Delta Company. While I do want to meet and know more of my classmates, these last nine or ten months have been nothing short of exceptional, and my fellow 4/c Delta Dawgs are greatly responsible for that, from Formal Room and Wings to Swab Summer to studying for tests, and everything in between. Granted, there will be three or four of them with me in my new company, but it certainly won’t be the same.


Lacrosse goes well, Idlers and Glee keep me busy, and as the academic year winds down, it is safe to say that these last two semesters have been by far the most challenging I’ve ever had. It’s amazing how much I have been able to do this year, despite the academics. Still, it’s been quite the adventure as a 4/c. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


2016…you’d best start getting ready for Swab Summer!


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