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4c Boards

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Meyers Photo 4/c Boards are coming up soon. This means a few things. For one, we are going to start earning back privileges. It won’t be long before we can eat our food without squaring it, get to play music out loud, get Facebook back, and eventually get full carry-on. The other thing it means is studying studying studying. We essentially have to know all the indoc we learned over Swab Summer, all the indoc we learned first semester, and everything we learned this semester. On top of that, “The Mission,” which we’ve all had memorized from day one has to be recited with two upper class screaming in your ear.


The mission part doesn’t sound that hard, it’s not like I don’t have the mission permanently ingrained into my memory, but it’s surprisingly hard when you try it. One person could be screaming at you in one ear (which is actually easier to deal with) and the other could be whispering in the other. Sometimes somebody will say the mission with you, but go at a different pace or say different words to try and mess you up.


As far as the indoc goes, we’ve had “benchmark” tests on everything we’ve needed to know, and for the most part our class has done pretty well on them. It gives me hope that our class as a whole will do well when the official boards roll around. I’m pretty sure if 90% or more of our class passes boards, we officially get fully carry-on (don’t have to square) and are basically 3/c at that point. The craziest part of all of this is that fourth class year is coming to a close. It honestly seems like yesterday that Swab Summer started. So if you’re a future swab reading this, don’t worry, time flies.


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