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First Race of the Season!

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Driscoll Photo I know that I have written about almost every aspect of my life in my last few posts, but this one will be exclusively about crew. Yesterday, 31MAR2012, we had our first race of the spring season against Wesleyan University. We woke up around 0600 (on a Saturday when we could’ve slept in all day because there was no morning formation!) to ride the bus for an hour to Middletown, Connecticut. It was pretty wet and cold also, but I was so nervous I barely noticed.


I coxed two races: the Men’s Novice 4 and the Men’s Novice 8. (A four and an eight are just that: a boat with four rowers or eight rowers). A 2K is intense. We won in the four, but lost by two boat lengths in the eight, unfortunately. However, we know what we need to work on for the next race, after Easter. I wish I could put exactly how I feel about crew into words, but it’s almost impossible! If you come here, you’ll have to try it for yourself.


The two highlights of my day were getting the Wesleyan cox’s shirt and being told my 4/c Luke Carani (my stroke seat) that I did really well, and helped him push through the last 1000 meters of the race. It is a crew tradition that the winning team gets the t-shirts from the losing team, and vice versa. Now 4/c Bryce Monaco, 4/c Alex Kloo, 3/c Ben McKeathen, Luke, and I all have one win under our belt! I really want to win more! Hearing Luke tell me that I did a good job motivating him to finish his third race of the day (poor him!) paid off for all the work I’ve put into this season. From here, it’ll only get better…


Our next race is two weeks away. So, the cycle starts all over again! As always, email me at if you need anything.


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