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What You Get in Return

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Zwenger Photo Coming back home from spring leave has probably been one of the more difficult things I’ve done during my times at the Academy. Spring leave is totally different from winter leave because this time I actually went and visited my friends at college, as opposed to just hearing stories. Even though I only spend three days at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio, being able to compare the life of a cadet versus the life of a regular college student was interesting and even a bit depressing. Regular college students enjoy all kinds of freedoms: being able to not go to class when they don’t feel like it, leaving campus whenever they feel like it among many other things. This was a bit depressing because I could do very few of the things they were able to.


When coming to the Academy you have to be prepared to give up a lot. However, in return from giving up much of your social life now, you can get a lot in return. For example, I went skydiving over spring leave, this is not something that I would have done while attending a regular college because I would probably be focused on paying off loans rather than spending my money elsewhere. In addition, I won’t have to be worried about finding a job after graduating here. So attending this institution takes a lot from your life now, however, it will pay off in the end. Any questions? Email me at


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