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What a Spring Break!

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Krakower Photo Hello again everyone! We are slowly but surely coming into the home stretch of 4/c year, and I am excited! These last couple of days were Spring Break 2012, and what a great Spring Break! The lacrosse team left a day early to head on down to West Palm Beach, Florida to go to the Sailfish Shootout, where we played four games in only five days. Going up against big name teams like Palm Beach Atlantic, Emory, Elon and Grand Valley State, the latter ranked 12 and 3 respectively, we came out of the trip 2-2. We were able to spend one of the days to ourselves, going to the beach, playing golf, and just relaxing with the other lax bros. It was also a great chance to talk with the upper-class on the team, and establish connections there. Before I knew it, that was the end of the Shootout and I was whisked away to join the Idlers!


For those of you don’t know, the Idlers are the male A cappella group for the Coast Guard Academy. We went down to Florida as well, performing in Disney, Sebastian, West Palm Beach, and Stuart. We got to spend time in Disney, where funny enough the seniors of my former high school were having their Senior Trip, which was a nice surprise. We again got some beach time, and just had a great time overall. The trip ended with a 23-hour drive back to Connecticut from West Palm Beach, going through 11 states with only four of us driving. Eventually we were able to make it back, and thus ended Spring Break.


With our 4/c formal coming up Saturday, the Easter long weekend, as well as 4/c Boards and Challenge of the Guardsmen, these next few weeks are going to be rough and busy. But like everything else here, it will be dealt with one step at a time, and there will be some great results!


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