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My Second Semester

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Meyers Photo With almost half of the second semester of my first year here gone, it seems like time is flying, and I’ve heard it only goes by faster. On one hand, I don’t want that time to just pass by, but on the other hand, this is fourth class year, and I know that once I’m done with this, life will get a lot better. Already the general atmosphere is more relaxed than from first semester. It’s not that we don’t have the same amount of work or the same expectations; I think it’s just that we’ve gotten better at doing our jobs so it seems easier.


As an example, before morning and afternoon meal formation, the 4/c from each company are required to cover clocks in their respective wing areas. That entails knowing the next three meals, movies playing at the local movie theatre, Coast Guard sports, and days to go until big events and then yelling that indoc along with the time to go until formation. While first semester, this seemed like an awful task that was pretty difficult to do well, but this semester, I haven’t had a single problem.


It seems everything is going that way. We’re treated more like 3/c and less like swabs every day and it won’t be long before we actually get carry-on. We still have to do those 4/c duties, but they are really just part of a routine now.


As for school, after adjusting to the workload last semester, it’s evident what it takes to succeed here in terms of academics. I’m doing even better this semester managing time and work than last and I’m sure that only gets better as time goes by. Overall, this has been a pretty good semester and I’m looking forward to both 3/c year and the cruises I get to go on this summer.


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