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Second Semester and Time Off

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Bilodeau PhotoIt seems like second semester is definitely speeding by faster than first semester. Since my last blog there have been two long weekends, 101st night, 100th day, and good grades in between. So far this semester has been packed, which is probably the reason why it is going by so quickly. Uniform inspections, room inspections, and indoc tests have been consistent this semester, which keeps us 4/c on our toes.


I started studying more for indoctrination tests and got ready for 101st night. I will not say much about 101st night, but it was a chance for the 4/c to earn the privileged 100th day and wear white shields. This semester I have been getting decent test grades and I try to seek help earlier when I do not understand material.


As far as time off goes, I spent MLK weekend with my boyfriend in New York City and President’s Day Weekend in Maine. In New York we ate at great restaurants, went to the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum, and saw a comedy show at Dangerfield’s. This past long weekend was President’s Day Weekend. I went home to Maine to see my parents, sleep, and relax. I ate lobster, steak, and my mom made carrot cake.


I was finally excited to go back to the Academy after President’s Day Weekend because I wanted to be back with my friends and in the swing of things. Spring Break is right around the corner, which was another incentive to head back to Connecticut. I will be spending Spring Break with my grandparents in Naples.


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