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Spring Semester, Sledding, and Boards

(Just for Fun, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
  Lindsay Duplessis So it’s February, and it’s snowed once. ONCE. Growing up in New England, you either really like the snow or you hate it, and personally I love it. The Academy is built on a massive hill, so when it snows there’s some prime sledding locations. However, you have to be careful because a few of my shipmates (as well as in previous years) actually received some intense sledding injuries. They are all completely fine now other than some nasty bruises, but the accident itself was not pretty.

In other news, all of the 4/c cadets are starting to study for Boards and a few of our indoc tests. On Monday we’ll all be taking a test on nautical flags, definitions, and rates/ranks of the various branches of the military. Although this is just another added stress to life here at the Academy, it’s satisfying to know that we will actually be using this kind of information in the future. More importantly, passing these tests will permit 4/c to get certain privileges leading to full carry-on! Everyone has to pass Boards before this can happen, so most people have been studying hard (myself included). You do not want to be the one holding everyone back from getting carry-on.

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