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Keeping My Priorities Straight

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  Megan Rudy My return to the Academy met with sad news. A few of my close friends from my 4/c company in Hotel were getting disenrolled for illegal substances and although they had made very poor choices, I was very sad to see them leave, because they are good people and I have been through a lot with them. This entire month was centered around the drama of the “Spice boys.” The whole situation I think has taught me and my classmates a lot about what it means to be here and that one mistake, even little ones can get you kicked out of this place, although you may have worked very hard toward getting here. It has taught me to keep my priorities straight and focus on my long-term goals.

I also realized that I cannot play water polo as I had planned with a broken arm, so instead I have decided to train for a half marathon in New York with my ex roommate. I hope to some day do a full marathon and then maybe a 100 mile ultra-marathon in the future. I have been running every day this month and even got those toe shoes, a lot of people here have them and they are super comfortable. It feels like I’m running barefoot.

Also my class schedule has lightened up tremendously and I have mostly my major classes, which I really enjoy. I still have physics and calculus to make it through before I will be completely done with math! I celebrated my 20th birthday at the end of the month and my parents surprised me by ordering me the fanciest cake, which was two layers tall and looked like it should have been for a wedding! It was chocolate raspberry mouse flavored and I had so much extra to share that it still wasn’t gone by the end of the week! My closest friends also surprised me by decorating my room with balloons and sticky notes covered my door wishing me happy birthday from at least 100 different people. Then a group of ten of us went to Longhorn Steakhouse to celebrate my birthday dinner. Now I am looking forward to Spring Break, when I will be heading to Vegas with some of my friends and we are super excited to see a Cirque du Soleil show.

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