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The End of the First Semester

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
 Christina Bilodeau The first semester of 4/c year is truly flying by. I have received good and average grades and kept myself thinking positively because 4/c year can be a challenge academically and militarily. Right now I am working on a packet given to 4/c. We have to search and learn 100 questions pertaining to life at the Academy and common indoc. Once we learn the material, our upperclassmen have to sign off the 100 items before finals week.

I have started going to bed earlier because I figured out how to effectively manage my time; although Sundays still seem to be my heaviest workload days. Our volleyball team just ended the season by winning the ECAC championship this past Veteran’s Day Weekend. It was a great journey and I feel very close knit with the team. My parents came for the tournament and we had a “long” so I spent the night with them in a hotel. I am looking forward to going home for Thanksgiving. It will be my second time home since Reporting-In Day and the first time seeing my sister in five months.

It will be a good change to have time to myself during sports period to go for long runs and work out on my own. There is no doubt that I will take occasional naps, too. Finals will be quickly approaching after Thanksgiving, then we will be done with what I have heard is the hardest semester at the Academy.

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