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New Year, New Semester

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
 Samantha Cardoza I have to say, coming back from winter break was definitely difficult. I missed my friends and my Alfa family a lot, but coming back to having to square, take out trash, do clocks, greet, etc. did not seem appealing at all. Another thing that I did not want to come back to was the weather. I left San Diego when it was 80 degrees outside and came back to having to march in 08 degree weather! Talk about your morning wakeup call!

Even though I was less than ecstatic to come back, it made me think about how fortunate I am to be at the Academy. I missed the family of people that go here, I missed not having to worry about my valuables, I even missed the teachers and the classes, and when my ride pulled into the firstie parking lot, I realized how much I really love this place. And only having to endure being a 4/c at the bottom of the totem pole for another semester seems doable now that I have already completed the first semester. Before I know it, I’ll be on Eagle, going to summer school, going back to San Diego, and then I will come back and be a 3/c, ready to mentor my own 4/c and be a role model for them. So, I will keep going, and keep striving to do better for this whole semester and, who knows, maybe even finish out 4/c year with a bang.

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