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Christmas is Finally Here!!!

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
 Samantha Cardoza I can’t believe it’s finally here! Yesterday officially marked the last day of school, and now everyone is getting ready for finals to finish out the first semester strong. This semester, I have a final everyday for four days, and that is a decent schedule. I am so surprised by how fast this semester flew by! The upperclassmen are right, if you take it one week, day, hour, at a time then it goes by so much faster. I remember every week thinking to myself, “Okay, it’s Wednesday, tomorrow is Thursday. A test, two labs and then its Friday.” Thinking that all the time definitely got me through this semester, and the weeks just went by so fast.

I cannot wait to go home! Christmas is literally right around the corner, and the entire corps is preparing for it. When we walk around Chase Hall, it feels like Santa’s Workshop. So many rooms are decorated with lights, trees, wallpaper, blow up Santas, I can go on but it might take a whole page to fit everything in! It is definitely a morale booster, though, seeing all the cadets in such a great mood. And even though I’m excited to go back home, it’s also going to be hard leaving the family that I have formed here for three weeks. I doubt that I will miss the squaring and greeting, but I will miss all of my friends. Coming back is going to be difficult, but after resting up for a whole three weeks, I’ll be ready to come back to the Academy.

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