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 Samantha Cardoza Today I finally came to the realization that we 4/c have made it through half a semester already! When I first heard someone say, “Who’s ready for midterms?” I have to admit…I freaked out a little bit. My thought process brought me to believe that there was going to be a whole week of grueling tests and never ending studying. However, I came to find that I had already taken the tests that would be on my midterms and was now just anxiously waiting for my grades to come out. Whoever thought that waiting for your teachers to submit your grades would ever be so stressful? Yet here I was, constantly checking the system every five seconds to see if they were up yet. I was very happy to find that after hours upon hours of clicking and re-clicking the “refresh“ button, I was passing all of my classes.

When I made the decision to come here way back in 2006 when I was in 8th grade, I knew that this place would be challenging, not just physically demanding, but mentally and academically tough as well. I had been told that it would be over and over again. So, I worked in high school forcing myself to have good study habits and to manage my time well. Who knew that both would come in handy here? Not only am I taking seven classes with 20+ credits, but I also have to manage everything that goes with being a 4/c cadet. Not only do I have to have all of my military stuff in order, being inspection-ready every minute of every day, but I also have to memorize meals, have duty, do orderlies, etc. The scary part is that I know that this is probably one of the easier years I’ll have here. I’m definitely working at my full potential to keep everything up, but I’m also having fun doing it. Around here, you’ll see many 4/c and upper class complain about the Academy and everything that goes along with it, but I am having a blast! Yes, I do have to square my corners and meals and can’t look left or right, but I love this place too much to make it anything but a fantastic experience. It’s hard, but that’s the point, isn’t it?

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