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 Alexis Chavarria-Aguilar I think it’s safe to say that these past four months have been unlike any other experience. Life at the Academy is a real challenge, but totally worth it. Just like Swab Summer, the days are long, but the weeks go by in a blur. Every day I find myself presented with some sort of challenge; nonetheless, I’m absolutely stoked to be here and hope that my journal entry offers a quality glimpse at what life is like as a fourth class.

One of my primary concerns thus far has been prioritizing the numerous obligations demanded by cadet life. Time is a commodity, and there never seems to be enough of it. While our normal college counterparts sip from the fountains of higher education, we cadets guzzle down challenges jetting from the fire hydrants of officership. It takes a lot of discipline to manage our duties and transcend the expectations established upon us. For me, getting the right amount of sleep is the difference between just that. As a result, I rely on my agenda book to help me balance my priorities, from academics, to military training, to athletics, and so on.

Although it seems that there is not enough down time, cadets manage to make the most of every experience. I enjoy tasks that don’t require a lot of critical thinking, such as cleaning the room or shining shoes. Crew practice is also my saving grace. There’s nothing like pulling a real hard piece on the erg to relieve the frustration of a bad day.

Again, words cannot describe how thrilled I am for this opportunity. Despite the difficulty of cadet life, this has been unparalleled experience.

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