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Winter Wonderland?!

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 Peter Driscoll I can’t believe it is snowing already. Everyone’s been telling me how CGA had four or five snow days last year, but it has been so warm this year that I didn’t believe any of those rumors. Now I do—of course, I’m impressed by the three inches we had and keep calling it a blizzard, at which my friends and my roommate laugh! Ignorant Northerners… (I woke up the other day and looked out the window and exclaimed, “It snowed two inches!” However, when my roommate looked, he kindly informed me that it was a quarter-inch at most…)

Classes are moving along. I have a nice schedule—this should be my easy semester academically, since I passed Calculus 2 validators and am now finished with my math requirements as a Government major! :) I enjoy Probability and Statistics, which is what I am taking now. All of my other classes are the standard 4/c classes. Of those, my favorite is definitely Fundamentals of Navigation; I love doing chart work and learning real salty, nautical things! For those of you who are starting to get acceptance letters, and you chose to spend a night here to learn what it’s like, go to a Nav lab—in my opinion, that’ll show you what this place is really about.

On a side note, this semester I am taking Honors Chemistry 2 with LT Jody Maisano. It’s an amazing class and we’re learning a lot. On top of the regular Chemistry stuff, LT Maisano is having us do a semester-long project on a topic of our choice to broaden our scientific horizons. For mine, I plan on researching U.S. arctic policy and why we need a new icebreaker. Hopefully, my “product” will be to get a USCG arctic expert—maybe from headquarters?—to come speak to the Corps about this issue. I’ll keep everyone updated.

And while classes got easier, military life around Chase Hall got harder. Our new guidons and the Regimental 1LT (First Lieutenant) are cracking down hard to make sure that the 4/c are still doing their jobs. These first two weeks, our new guidon has put us on company clocks twice—almost more than the entirety of last semester. Now we are on random clocks to make sure we all know our indoc. :( It’ll get better soon…after all, it’s only around 115 days until 2012 graduates, and we will definitely get “carry-on” before they leave! The next best thing on the horizon (at least from my perspective) is 101st Night/100th Day. Then, after going through a Swab Summer flashback the night before, the 2/c and the 4/c switch roles for the day. I cannot wait; it’ll be fun! Then, in March, the firsties will have Billet Night, when they find out what units they have been assigned to. Everyone is so excited. I want all of the firsties I know to get their best pick, but it is determined by class rank, so who knows what will happen.

Well, it’s been a great distraction writing this post, but I do have another forty pages to read for my literature class. As always, email me ( if you have any questions or comments! Over and out.

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