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Homecoming Weekend 2011

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 Peter Driscoll Hey everyone! I’ve settled into the pattern of the school year finally. I wake up at 0430 now for crew and get to bed around 2130, and every second of my day in between is occupied.

Last weekend was Homecoming weekend. It was great to see so many alumni, especially the Class of 1961. The weekend was packed with tons of events. I ate lunch Friday at the O-Club with an alumnus from 1947 who had horror stories about 4/c year. Thank goodness I didn’t go to CGA then! Saturday was the big football game. Our 0-2 team pulled out a win: 61-30. It was amazing. Everyone—the alumni, the cadets, the staff, Admirals Stosz, Papp, and Allen—were going nuts over the football game. Even better, my class hid all six links of the chain successfully for a week and got it to the 50-yard line in time to get modified carry-on for a week. I love not having to square meals!

The best part of the weekend was the fact that one of my friends who was planning on quitting decided to stay. Her paperwork was already processed, and she came within an inch of being voluntarily dismissed. But she’s still here! Even better, Admiral Papp gave her his challenge coin during a private conversation. Getting the Commandant’s challenge coin is an amazing experience; I’m jealous.

Well, now it’s back to the grind of the academic year—I’ve got lots of homework! Until next time…

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