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Back To School After Break

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
 Lindsay Duplessis After three weeks of winter leave, it was a bit difficult to drive back to the Academy. Although I missed my friends here, I really enjoyed spending time with my family and friends from home, going to the movies, watching TV whenever, and being lazy. Basically I spent my time on break doing the opposite than that of Academy life. Back to school, memorizing meals, and working out…which at home mainly consisted of getting up to change the laundry or let my dog outside. One might notice that I was not completely prepared for the physical fitness examination the day after we got back, but thankfully I passed!

We’ve all started classes again this week, as well as preparing for Boards which is basically a test all 4/c cadets must pass for the class to get carry-on. The information on the exam can range anywhere from identifying flags to summarizing the history of the Coast Guard itself. We have a month to study, and a lot of memorizing to do.

We also recently began to learn about our 3/c summer assignments. This summer, I’ll go on Eagle and spend about five weeks at a station or on a cutter. I’m not quite sure where I want to go, but it’s exciting to know that we’re finally getting the chance to go out and experience what the Coast Guard actually does outside of the Academy.

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