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A Look Back

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 Cameo Ulbricht Looking back now on the entire semester, it went pretty well. Some of the frustrating moments were working hard on getting good grades, and not receiving a grade that reflected the effort that was put forth. With the help from my shipmates in similar classes, I made it through what people say is the toughest semester at the Academy. Cross country in the fall is a wonderful stress reliever, and such a great transition into the school year. The meets on the weekends were perfect for a busy schedule during the week.

Come time for midterms, most of the 4/c were ready to be somewhere else. A lot often talked about going to different colleges, because they are missing out on so much. But the truth is, those at regular colleges are missing out on so much. Even though we don’t throw huge parties every weekend and sleep in late, only to get up minutes before your first class to throw on a pair of sweatpants and in hopes of not falling asleep during another boring lecture. Right now all we get to do is attend school, the occasional training, stay up late working on homework, and a dinner at the mall. But after these next grueling four years we will be able to see and do so much more than our friends in “regular college”.

Finals week was but a blur of staying up late to get the last bit of information you could before you were forced to sit in a room for three hours proving that despite maybe sleeping in class, you did learn something about intermolecular forces, or how to calculate advance and transfer. We formed a little study group with people that had the same finals, and had a plan of how to review for the test. Everyone had different skill levels in each subject, which enabled us to use each other’s strengths. I feel that we prepared pretty well for finals, and didn’t stay up too late.

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