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Putting Finals Behind Me

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 Jennifer Patron I can finally breathe and uplift the stressful burden we all know as finals. Its really ironic actually, finals week at the Academy is the calmest week of the entire semester; mainly because the school devotes 100% of its focus on academics, rather than the additional military and athletic obligations. This year, the majority of my finals were before the actual finals week. This made things very interesting because not only did I have to juggle the multiple everyday assignments, but also I had to study for finals. Amazingly, I made it out alive and well. I surprisingly was not as stressed as I thought I’d be and the exams were not as arduous as I presumed. This entire semester has been a rollercoaster of successes and failures and throughout my entire academic carrier; I have never worked so hard and had so many sleepless nights. The rumors of 3/c year being the most challenging are indeed true but as for anything difficult, it is the most rewarding once completely done.

As a Government major, I thought I would not be as stressed or overworked as my Engineering classmates but there were times where my roommate (Mechanical Engineer) was blissfully watching a movie while I was frantically writing a six page paper for one class and a four pager for another and reading half a book in one night. Nonetheless, the work was manageable and as the phrase goes, “out with the old and in with the new”. It’s time to store everything I have learned from last semester and bring in the new material.

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