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cadet blogs

On Being a 3c

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2014) Permanent link   All Posts
 Jennifer Patron 3/c year, as the stereotype states, it is the most academically demanding year of the four years. However, not being braced up makes my experience here that much better. As I transition into my major-specific classes for Government, I am becoming more conformable with the flow of my schedule. I am currently taking Morals and Political Philosophy as well as Principles in American Government. Both are very interesting and it is even more thrilling to be able to be in a class with my fellow Government majors. Rather than an instructor forcing a discussion, I have noticed students leading many of the discussions.

As a 3/c, also known as the “role model” for the 4/c, I quickly became aware of my specific role this year. To an extent, the new 4/c immediately became my little brothers and sisters and because I perceived them in this manner, I want to make sure they are taken care of in any predicament such as I would for my actual younger brother and sister. It was a very odd transition from constantly being braced up to walking around carefree. Although now being able to walk on the sidewalk may not seem like a privilege to those in the civilian world, but to a new 3/c, it makes the difference between making it to class on time comfortably and speed walking at an uncomfortable stride.

As for athletics, I am in the middle of the Cross Country season and thus far we are doing very well as a team. Currently, we are ranked in the top ten for New England and are hoping to continue our success for the rest of the season. The freshman adapted well to the team and we are stuck together like glue.

For now, I am about to tackle another week here at the CGA and day by day, I have learned, is the best way.

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