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cadet blogs

Approaching Winter Break

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2014) Permanent link   All Posts
 Carlos Quintero Thanksgiving is a nice break right before finals review and then finals week. Over break I always do the things that I am not able to do while I am at the Academy. I spend a lot of time catching up with my family, since I rarely get a chance to be with them. It could be weird to be with your high school friends if you don’t keep up with them as the years go on, that is because it is harder to connect with each other’s lifestyles. As a cadet you learn to enjoy the little things, and what my friends at home take for granted might be a privilege for me. Things like going on a drive, going out to eat and being able to wake up whenever.

Finals week is not bad at all. Cadets describe it as a very “chill” week, that is because you just study, eat, sleep and workout. There are no collateral duties you have to worry about, like usual. During the holidays the Academy is in a happy mood. We decorate our rooms, which makes the environment more pleasant.

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