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cadet blogs

This Summer

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 Megan Rudy This semester has really flown by! We already have wardroom carry on and next week we are getting full carry-on since Challenge of the Guardian was on Saturday. I was unable to participate because I had two soccer games but everyone has said that it was not as bad as last year. I have found out my company for the next three years, I will be in Echo, and I am happy because one of my really good friends is coming with me. I am sad to leave Hotel and my best friend 4/c Townsend but luckily she is only one deck below me.

I cannot believe there are only two weeks left of school and then off to Eagle. I won’t be back to the Academy for nine weeks!!!! After Eagle I will be at the Fort Meyers Beach small boat station in Florida and I am stationed with one of my best friends 4/c Anderson so I’m super excited for this summer. After that, I’m going to Colorado to stay with my grandparents and catch up with high school friends. I just have to make it through this last week of tests and finals and then I’m on my way to being a 3/c!!!!!!!!

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