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Megan's March Madness

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 Megan Rudy This month has flown by. Other than the occasional tests and regular school work, there wasn’t too much going on, but starting spring soccer has made the weeks fly. Also, Katie and I have been painting for at least a couple hours each week and it’s been really fun; we even entered some of our paintings in the art show.

We had formal room and wing this weekend and it was the first time our company went to bed before 11!! Usually we start too late and are up until 3. During formal room and wing I lost my W2 form for my taxes so I’m freaking out and I don’t know what to do, because taxes are due in a week.

We also were told that it was the best formal room and wing that Commander had ever seen, but even then we didn’t get wardroom carry-on yesterday at lunch, which we were all expecting. Even after they told us we would get it! Now we are having our last formal room and wing in a week, which I don’t understand because we just had one.

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