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Arriving Back

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 Megan Rudy I have finally arrived back at the Academy and am nervous but also excited to finish the last semester of 4/c year. MAP week, or the week in between break and beginning classes has not been so great for me. I started off with a terrible stomach bug and had to spend the night in the ward, or doctor’s office. I am feeling much better, but had to miss out on a lot of things like our company photo. Luckily, my friends moved my room for me because our deadline to move in is tomorrow morning when Admiral Papp does his walkthrough. I have just finished stowing everything, which was hard, because my new room is a lot smaller, also there is no mirror! My new room is at the other end of the company from all of my best friends and two of my friends didn’t even have to move rooms, I guess I’ll just end up getting more exercise!!!

Tomorrow is my BFF’s Birthday and I’m hoping that I won’t forget because since I’m sick I’ve been forgetting a lot of things. I’m just glad I’m sick now and not during the school year. I am looking forward to getting this semester over with and although boards are coming up, I’m hoping things will be easier since I’m used to everything and I don’t have to take SED. Naut Sci and Macro seem like much better classes than SED and History. We also get to take personal defense this semester, which should be fun.

Feel free to contact me. My email is

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