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4c Windjammers Season 2010

(Extracurricular Activities and Faith-Based Involvement, Class of 2014) Permanent link   All Posts
 Anna Ruth As the first semester of my 4/c year is coming to a close, I realize that my involvement in extracurricular activities has gotten me through the confusing and stressful haze of my new world. As a 4/c, liberty from campus is scarce, and overnights away from the Academy are almost non-existent. While most of my friends have stayed on campus every weekend, I was given multiple opportunities to escape for brief periods of time.

My chief activity is the Windjammers Drum and Bugle Corps, the Academy’s marching band. I was really involved with band in high school, which made the transition much easier. In high school, I played trumpet, but the first day of practice this year, I switched to tuba. I’m so happy with my choice because I got to learn something new with people who were extremely knowledgeable and encouraging. I’m the only girl in the tuba section, and, as a result, I gained the three brothers I never had. Band was a great way to feel welcomed by a group of cadets that I would not have met otherwise.

We have band practice every day from 4:00 to 6:00, which is the corps wide sports period. On Saturdays (and some weekdays) throughout the fall, we perform at games, parades, and other schools. So far this year, we have been to the Big E Fair in Massachusetts, Westfield State (an away football game), Six Flags, and Montreal, Canada. In Canada, we performed our show, the Lion King, at a college game and then explored the city. This past Tuesday, we had our professional recording of the show, and this coming Thursday, we will be driving to New York City to march in the Veteran’s Day Parade.

When people say how daunting 4/c year is, they are mainly speaking for those cadets who are not involved in activities that let them get away. I’m actually enjoying my first semester so far, and I give Windjammers most of the credit. One of my favorite memories was when we made a surprise appearance at a volleyball game. We ran in with our instruments, our drum major screamed at the top of his lungs “MORTAL COMBAT”, and we started playing as loud as we could. The team was so excited that we came to support them! I look forward to practice every day, and it’s saddening that our season ends on Thursday. Even in a few short months, I have made great friends and found a place for me here at the Academy.

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