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The Start of My Experience

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 Brianna Townsend This first quarter has flown by, and so far I love being at the Academy. This quarter has been pretty challenging, but adjusting to the college lifestyle has not been too bad. Schoolwork and my classes often overwhelm me, but there are always time that you can have to yourself and can just relax. My roommate and I get along extremely well so hanging out in our room is always fun, and it’s a good way to feel less stressed about life in general.

The classes that I am taking right now are not too difficult mostly because I took a lot of them in high school such as Calculus and Chemistry. My favorite class that I am in right now is Statics and Engineering Design. Many people will say that I am crazy to name that as my favorite class, but it involves many of the basic concepts that I will use as a Civil Engineering major. There are some parts to this class that are difficult to grasp but there is always someone that is willing to help you figure it out. That is one of the best things about the Academy, the willingness that people have to help and see you succeed. Everyone wants to help you and offers their expertise in the subject. This makes the Academy extremely different from other colleges, and that is the main reason that I chose the Academy over other schools that I was accepted into.

After the beginning of this first semester I assured myself that coming to the Academy was the right choice for me. Even though I may get a bad grade on a test or a paper, there is always someone here that will help me on the next one to improve. I look forward to my next four years here at the academy and the experiences that I will have.

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