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Leadership at the Academy

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 Stephen Nolan I do some of my best work for this blog site while I’m sitting in an airport terminal waiting for my flight. It is with this basic ideology that I have set down to pen this entry. I am writing to you all now from the International Departures terminal of the Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan. My family moved to Okinawa this past summer, and I had the opportunity to go visit them.

This semester is fast approaching, in fact, as I sit here; we only have about 36 hours before leave expires. That being said, I’m beginning to feel the weight of the Academy bearing back down upon my shoulders. This semester will be a tad different from those that have passed before me: this will be my first semester in a leadership role. After the Change of Command ceremony which will happen our first day back, I shall become the Respect Master at Arms, the second class in charge of the Respect Department’s underclass, responsible for helping the Guidon instruct and lead the fourth class, and ensure that all the needs of the department are met. I have already spoken with the Guidon and he has big plans for us this semester.

I have high hopes that this up and coming semester will be a rewarding one. I have put in for a summer staff position and the rumor is that we will hear back on the first Monday of classes as to who will receive the appointments. I’m anxiously awaiting to hear back on whether or not I will be able to help the class of 2014 in their soon-to-be role of cadre, and get a chance to interact with members of the class of 2016 during their first, critical summer.

Leadership roles at the Academy aren’t hard to come by, there are a multitude of them waiting for you if you’re willing to put in the time and effort required to apply for them. Once you have them though, your workload begins to compound, and it is really under that crucible of pressure that you find your true leadership style and potential.

Unfortunately, I will be cutting this blog entry short, they have just announced that they will begin boarding my flight to Chicago. In a short 13 hours I will be landing back in the United States, rested and ready to start a new year, hopefully one, which will prove rewarding in light of the new leadership opportunities that will come my way. However busy I am this semester, I will do my best to keep you all updated. As always feel free to ask me any questions, I promise I will do my best to respond quickly and give you my opinions and advice on your questions

Semper P.
3/c Stephen Nolan

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