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A Three Day Weekend

(Extracurricular Activities and Faith-Based Involvement, Class of 2013) Permanent link   All Posts
 Jessica Ward This past weekend was a great break from the Academy. Three day weekends are generally like that. Saturday was Head of the Housatonic for crew. The 1V and the V4 both took first place, which was really exciting and rewarding. We’re going to be really good this year and I’m looking forward to Head of the Charles in two weeks. (For those of you who don’t know Head of the Charles is the biggest crew regatta in the world and it is held in Boston each year.) It’s a ton of fun to see rowers from all over and of all ages. Crew is generally a tall person’s sport so events like this make the 6’1” me feel at home.

The rest of the weekend I spent at the Teuton’s home. They are the leaders of Officer Christian Fellowship at the Academy and held a retreat at their home for those of us who couldn’t go to the main one in White Silver Springs due to sports/duty conflicts. I was hoping to sleep outside in a hammock again, but I always remembered when I was too tired to set it all up. It was a lot of fun to chill at their home though. Each time I tried to get work done it seems I ended up falling asleep, but I still managed to be somewhat productive and watch a few movies. Normally after breaks like this the idea of school isn’t all that exciting, but Parent’s Weekend is coming Friday so another break will quickly be here.

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