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Moving Up The Food Chain

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2013) Permanent link   All Posts
 Jessica Ward For all those of you worried about 4/c year and all it entails let me tell you that as a 3/c it gets much better. It’s a strange experience as a 4/c, one very few people will ever be able to appreciate or relate to, but having completed an entire year of it and now seeing other people where I was in last year is rewarding. As a 4/c, someone told me the red shields I would wear when I became a 3/c bring confidence, and it’s true. You have such a greater grasp on the Academy, what is going on, what people want and need, and that the little things that stressed me out as a 4/c are no longer given a second thought.

However, being a 3/c brings with it another challenge, that of leadership and role-modeling. As a 3/c, there are one or two 4/c in your division that are your responsibility. I never realized that my actions as a 4/c were reflected on my 3/c. When your 4/c has to finish getting everyone in the company’s signature, it is also your responsibility. If they don’t succeed, it is reflected upon you regardless of circumstances. It’s the first time leadership is mandatory at the Academy. I like the system and how it starts out with one or two people as a 3/c and expands over the years. It’s a challenge but it starts out small and you have those above you in your division to help guide you through it. And don’t forget the rewards. When your 4/c finishes that signature sheet, you feel like you did it too. It’s wonderful to know that you were a part of their successes as well. Being a 3/c does pay off and it sets you on the path to greater opportunities and experiences later on.

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