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Sector Experience

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 George Glock I had many great experiences at Sector Long Island Sound in New Haven for the second half of my 1/c training summer. I participated in several inspections with industry and port partners, specifically with yacht club vessels which transport people between the shore and their yachts. This was a great opportunity to develop my professionalism in the business world in working with industry and port partners. I learned what was required of these vessels and their masters; steps taken to fix any arising issues during the inspection; how to properly inform the master of the vessel of the issue; and how to resolve it to satisfy the requirements of the inspection.

It was an amazing opportunity to participate in the boarding of an oil tanker with a team from the Sector's response department and members from the station. After motoring to the tanker, we all climbed up the jacob's ladder to the main deck. The team I went with went to the bridge with the captain and completed a check of the crew's passports. I was able to directly participate in this evolution and I observed how the rest of the crew interacts with the crew of the ship we are boarding.

I joined the gunner mates (GMs) and several petty officers from the station on a trip to the range. I qualified in both basic pistol and rifle and observed other various courses required for personnel to participate in boardings. I continued my training with the GMs during the week at station and spent time in the armory.

Even though I have always wanted to be a pilot, I am also very interested in working in Coast Guard Intelligence. I worked with the intel officers on sign-offs and independently completed a Field Intelligence Report (FIR). I enjoyed completing the FIR; I researched the reports made, put together the information, did some background research on the people and AORs involved, and produced a finished copy of the FIR which LT Felix reviewed and then submitted as an official FIR, which the CAPT at sector also read.

On Monday, I joined three Marine Safety Technicians on a trip to Guilford, Connecticut to re-inspect a beach for tar balls, followed by a trip to an oil spill on I-95 where a truck carrying fuel got caught on fire and leaked burning fuel down a storm drain and into a marina under the bridge.

I enjoyed spending six weeks at the sector and learning what the Coast Guard does outside of the cutter fleet. I also enjoyed the free time I had after work every day. It's a great career working for the Coast Guard and fulfilling the amazing missions it supports.

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