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Great Start to a New Semster

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
 George Glock School is in full swing and I am having a great semester. I feel much less stressed this year, and I find my studying enjoyable because all of my classes are government-related. I find it very useful to combine my homework with working out – an unusual combination – but an efficient one nonetheless. I bring my books to Billard with me, hop on a bike or elliptical, and read for class. This gives me a lot of free time later in the day because I get all of my work done early.

I am keeping very busy holding leadership positions in three clubs (Aviation, Astronomy, and Bowling). The Bowling team is really taking off this year. We are planning several competitions with local colleges and we are going to be joining the Eastern Intercollegiate Bowling Conference (EIBC). I have loved the sport of bowling since middle school, and I am very happy to be continuing it. I have improved so much thanks to my coach LT Smith; my average is around 170 now. I don’t make it to practice much because I am running cross country, but when the season ends I’ll be back into bowling 100%!

Next weekend is Parents Weekend, so my parents will be taking the ferry here from Long Island. I am definitely looking forward to next weekend and having my parents meet the parents of all the new friends I have made. October should make for an exciting month. I am traveling to the Naval Justice School tomorrow with some cadets from my Criminal Justice class, so that should be fun. And, Halloween is only one month away!

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