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Swab Summer and Aviation Training

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
 George Glock Just two short years ago, I was a terrified swab in a new, unfamiliar and scary world. Now I am the cadre creating this chaotic environment for the swabs. It is interesting seeing swab summer from a totally different point of view, and it gives me a new appreciation for the cadre that trained me two years ago.

Training swabs for three weeks in a row was not an easy job. It was extremely tiring, but it was filled with funny moments and memorable experiences. My friends and I had a great time, and we all grew very close. I enjoyed sharing this unique experience with my friends. The swabs progressed exponentially, and it was rewarding knowing that their progress was due to the hard work of my shipmates and me.

Even though swab summer was a great time, my favorite part of the summer was CATP (Cadet Aviation Training Program). I spent a week in Elizabeth City, North Carolina for training, tours, and observation flights. I participated in a duck hoist in which a Jayhawk helicopter hoisted cadets individually from the water, up to the helicopter, and back down to the water in a basket. I also took a flight in a Jayhawk and got to observe a duck hoist to a USCG cutter as well as watch the rescue swimmer practice drills. I also took a flight in a C-130 and got to fly it for about twenty minutes. Having my pilot license definitely helped and the pilot let me do some fun maneuvers with the aircraft. Being an aviation fanatic, this was definitely the best week of my summer.

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