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Return to Honduras

(Extracurricular Activities and Faith-Based Involvement, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
 George Glock Every summer, cadets receive three weeks of leave. This year, I spent one week home with my family, one week at the Jersey shore with some of my best friends from the Academy, and one week in Honduras for the second time.

My return to Honduras was more amazing than I could have ever anticipated. I saw the country in a different light having already known what to expect. This time, the shock of poverty did not inhibit my performance, and I was able to give so much more to the children and people of Honduras.

When we arrived at Villa Soleada, the children were waiting at the Learning Center. They all swarmed the bus, jumping and reaching for high fives from the gringos (American volunteers) in the windows. Almost all of the volunteers were new to Villa Soleada, but as I stepped off the bus, dozens of children yelled “Jorge!” and hugged me with the biggest and most beautiful smiles I have ever seen. My heart was flooded with joy, and the fact that these kids remembered me from several months ago. Countless parents throughout the week also remembered me and thanked me with tears, hugs and kisses for returning. The people of Villa Soleada truly are thankful for the college volunteers, and we are equally thankful for everything they give back to us.

This week was very similar to the last time I visited. We visited the orphanage again – the place I described as hell the last time – and this time the visit was more bearable. I was able to control my emotions and dedicate myself and my time to the kids. We finished painting the Learning Center and the building is now being used by the children for education, events, and as a community building. I heard they now have a computer lab as well, which is amazing!

I cannot wait to return. Although I cannot go this winter due to trip week availability and leave from the Academy, I am definitely returning during Spring Break. Many cadets are also interested in going with me. It will be great to be able to share such a unique and rewarding experience with my friends here.

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