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Carry On!!!!!

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 Alexander Lloyd 14 April 2009

Only 15 days left of classes! After a very busy past couple of weeks here at the Academy, I am ready to move on to my summer assignments. In the past couple of weeks, the Class of 2012 successfully passed the 4/c boards, been awarded wardroom carry on, and is currently participating in a week-long series of challenges marking the culmination of 4/c year. Additionally, the corps of cadets was visited by the Honorable Sandra Day O’Connor.

In other news, the 4/c had a class-wide formal, in which a few of my friends were able to come out from California to accompany a few of my friends here at the Academy to the dance. It was a great time and probably one of the most memorable and exciting events of 4/c year. I was also able to get away from the Academy last weekend for Easter. I got to spend some time with my friend and his family in New York, eat some good food, and rejuvenate myself for the rest of the school year.

That’s it for now. Finals are just around the corner, and 3/c year is a few short weeks away.

21 April 2009

Carry on!!!!!! The Class of 2012 did it! Having completed the culminating event of our 4/c year, The Challenge of the Guardian, we were awarded full carry on privileges by the Commandant of Cadets. 4/c no longer have to march in between classes, we can walk and talk as we please inside of Chase Hall (our living space aboard the Academy), and get to use Facebook again on our computers. It has been a long year, but there is an incredible sense of accomplishment shared by all cadets as the end of the school term draws near.

With just over two weeks left until I put on the 3/c shoulder boards and leave for my summer assignment in Hawaii, only one obstacle stands in the way – finals. I’ll have to step up and hit the books, but I know everything will work out just fine.

I look forward to reporting back what exciting things the summer has in store for me.

*Coast Guard Fun Fact: The Academy’s training ship, Eagle, was taken as a war prize from Germany after WWII.

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