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100th Day and Summer Plans

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 Alexander Lloyd 10 February 2009

The light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to come into sight. 101st night and 100th day have just passed. For those unfamiliar with Academy traditions, it is customary for the 4/c cadets to revert to swabs for one night on the 101st day before graduation. The 2/c cadets drill us mentally and physically with indoctrination material that we are required to know to make the leap from 4/c to 3/c this coming May. As a reward, on the 100th day before graduation, the 4/c and 2/c cadets switch shoulder boards for a day, giving 2/c privileges to 4/c (i.e., walking to class with friends, looking at our food, being able to watch movies, use Facebook in our room, aka “be normal” as 4/c Dan Piazza would put it). It was quite a treat watching the 2/c take out our trash, march to class, and square their meals in the wardroom.

Aside from the excitement of 101st night this weekend, the Valentine’s Sweethearts Formal took place on Saturday. While we weren’t required to attend this dance if we attended the Winter Ball, I can honestly say the Academy formals are a great way to blow off some of the stress 4/c year. The food provided is delicious, and the dancing is always fun even if you don’t know any “fancy moves.”

Even if the groundhog saw his shadow this year, the weather seems to be getting warmer with the snow melting and the amount of daylight getting longer. Spring break is just a little over three weeks away and there are less than 80 school days left in the academic year.

*Coast Guard Fun Fact: Two graduates of the Coast Guard Academy are part of the elite club of 250 Americans that have gone to space.

26 February 2009

It’s been quite hectic these past few days with midterms here at the Academy. It seems like there is some kind of large assignment due or test every day for the next week, but spring break is only eight days away. I am going with my roommate to his family’s condo in Panama City, Florida. I can’t wait for a long needed break, a little rest and relaxation, and some sun on the beach.

Aside from a busy school life, the fourth class did catch some excitement this week with the announcement of our summer assignments. At the Academy, 3/c summer is usually divided into a six week voyage on the USCGC Eagle and six weeks aboard a Coast Guard cutter or small boat station to get training in the fleet. Some students spend six weeks aboard Eagle and then six weeks at summer school to get ahead in studies, while a few are assigned on a 12 week voyage aboard a cutter, usually to another country. For my 3/c summer, I will be spending six weeks on the USCGC Kukui, a 225 foot buoy tender out of Honolulu, Hawaii, followed by six weeks on Eagle traveling up the east coast of the U.S., stopping at Bermuda, Charleston, Boston, Nova Scotia, and Rockport. I can’t wait!

I look forward to sharing my spring break experiences and the exciting events that await me as my 4/c year draws to a close.

Alex Lloyd

*Coast Guard Fun Fact: The Coast Guard has been involved in some way with every U.S. armed conflict since its creation in 1790.

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