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Sometimes 1600 Is Only the Beginning

(Overcoming Challenges, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
 Kathryn Peek Every so often there will be those days where time management is essential for the retention of your sanity. Today was one of those days for many of my shipmates and myself. Drill practice in the morning, followed by a full day of classes, a sports practice, a corps-wide lecture, and a science lecture as well as run of the mill last minute homework assignments due on Friday shows that we cadets can put that pink Energizer Bunny to shame. Luckily, many of the time management skills you need come either from genetics, or during first semester of 4/c year. The rest of your time at the Academy refines your ability to be a one man circus act as you balance the immediate necessary tasks on your nose, while holding all the upcoming future tasks in your left hand as you walk on a tight rope of random, “out of the blue” obstacles. Optimism, appreciation of the small things, and a Dry Dock coffee help to make the long days enjoyable.

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