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Time’s A-Ticking...

(Extracurricular Activities and Faith-Based Involvement, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
 Katie Priesing I can hardly believe how fast this semester has gone by. Today I’m leaving to spend Thanksgiving with my uncles and cousins in West Virginia, and when I get back from leave there will only be eight more days of class! It is so exciting! After this semester I will be heading to the United States Naval Academy for a semester. I hope to learn a lot from that school and that service. It should be great!

This past weekend I went with the Glee Club to Jets Stadium and sang the National Anthem. Words cannot describe how amazing that opportunity was. The crowd was phenomenal and there was obvious support for the armed forces all throughout the stadium. It was wonderful. The weekend before this, the Glee Club went to Palmyra, Pennsylvania and sang for the town’s anniversary. They were so welcoming, and since it was just a few minutes from Hershey Park, we got to visit that, too! We also had a tour of a bologna factory. It was great to see how proud the town was of its history. Glee Club has been so much fun, and I’ve had a great time performing.

This semester has been extremely challenging academically. Labs have taken up a lot of my time, but they were a lot of fun. I doubt there was a single Fisheries Biology lab that was not the highlight of my week. In my classes, we dissected both bony and cartilaginous dogfish. I have learned a lot from my courses, and as the semester is winding down, it is interesting to see how my classes overlap. In Geospatial Sciences, we were talking about lossless data. We talked about lossless data in my Introduction to Electrical Engineering class at the beginning of the semester so now I knew what my teacher was talking about! It’s always really exciting me when I can connect the dots. I’ve got to pack for this upcoming week, but I look forward to coming back to the Academy well rested and ready to finish this semester! Happy Thanksgiving!

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